The dandelion represents how deep our roots are. You
can pull up the dandelion, but its roots tend to remain,
shooting up the plants and flowers again and again. It
also reminds us of the tenaciousness with which many
of us pursued higher education
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We don't
study it
class and
class).  We
ARE it.

--David Greene
We began as an e-mail discussion list housed at the
University of Wisconsin - Oshkosh.  Presently, we are
located on the Yahoo group serve.This list began in
February of 1994 after a discussion regarding social
class mobility on the Women's Studies List. Here
those of us with poverty and working-class roots can
find support and information regarding the hurdles,
joys, sorrows, confusions, etc. we face in our pursuit
of  and  practice of higher education. You will find
discussions on "coming-out" in the classroom,"
advice to graduate students navigating the
academic maze, support when friends and family
don't understand what we do, research, film,
culture, and a myriad of other topics pertinent to
our experience.

We have annual conferences  which began in 1996.

We promote scholarship on and research regarding
the experiences of Working-class and Poverty-class

We support those with similar backgrounds as they
join the academic world.
2008 Internationa Working class
Poverty class
Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota
July1 0-12